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Sales and marketing of nordic products in canada and the u.s.


All inclusive package including market
research, import, legal checks, warehousing,
marketing and sales.

Partner Search

We will help you to identify and find business partners meeting your needs.


Sales and marketing of your products on a
commission basis.

Market Studies

Sales and marketing of your products on a
commission basis.


Nordic Trading House is a genuine sales and marketing firm with a winning blend of tenacity, passion, local knowledge, and well-honed processes. We've worked for multibillion-dollar worldwide industrial corporations in sales, marketing, and corporate development.

We've developed best practices for launching sales, marketing, and distribution operations quickly, cost-effectively, and with the consumer in mind. Whatever we do, we do it with high integrity, and our trust is our most valuable asset. It guarantees that your brand is in capable hands.


Integrity, knowledge, Experience

Cost Efficiency

Affordable way to expand to USA


Integrity, knowledge, Experience

Local Experience

Culture, Connections, Credibility


Jukka is a highly regarded and successful driver of business growth with a diverse background
in Direct & Indirect sales, Marketing, Strategy, Product & Service Management. For the past 10+ years he has worked in global multi-billion sized corporations (construction, automotive and
forest product markets) in Canada, UK, the Philippines, Australia and Finland. Double Masters
in Industrial Engineering and Corporate Finance.

Jukka Matikainen

Managing Director

Henna is a true marketing professional with wide experience in digital marketing, social media, branding, copywriting and trade shows. She has worked in elevators, freight forwarding & publishing industries as well as management consulting. She holds Master of Science in international marketing.

Henna Roine

Marketing Manager


Nordic Trading House is a Vancouver-based firm that assists Nordic businesses in breaking into the North American market. We can sell, advertise, and distribute your items on your behalf, or we can help you with marketing strategy before deciding to launch in North American markets.

We have over 20 years of experience in business development, sales, and marketing. We are committed to selling and promoting breakthrough goods that boost efficiency, lower the total cost of ownership, and improve people's lives. Our Nordic heritage assists in determining cultural diversity and avoiding potential errors caused by a lack of cultural and local knowledge and awareness.

We have an extensive network of industry contacts, investors, and exporting groups who may be able to assist you with your trip to North America. We feel that there is significant potential to be exploited in North America, and we are confident that they are worth further exploration.


Construction equipment manufacturer

Industrial clothing manufacturer

Metal fabrication equipment manufacturer

Retail space equipment manufacturer

Forestry Industry

Automotive manufacturing and aftermarket



Our team take good care of your supply chain in Canada or throughout North America. Sales, marketing, and other critical activities such as market analysis, product importation, certifications, legal verification, warehousing, and trade fairs will be our responsibility. This comprehensive service enables you to quickly and successfully enter the North American market while reducing risk and expenditure.

Partner Search

We handle your distribution partner research and assist you in negotiating strategic partnerships with your preferred partners. And if we're not the best distributor for you, we would gladly assist you in finding the perfect partner. We always have the best interests of our customers in mind because we are in this business for a long-time.


We handle your product's representation in Canada or throughout North America. We will promote your items and act as your company's physical sales and marketing arm. For high-value commodities and industrial items, this cooperation arrangement is usual. It is a low-risk, low-investment strategy for breaking into a marketplace.

Market Studies

We handle your market analysis and product field testing. Before deciding to enter the North American market, you must first determine where your growing possibilities are and what it will take to achieve them. In comparison to Europe, North America does a lot of things differently. Before deciding to extend, it's critical to grasp the culture, competition, client requirements, and interests.

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